Mortgage Loan Checklist

Thank you for choosing Texas Regional Bank for your new mortgage. The checklist below includes some of the documents you will need to provide when applying for your mortgage. Depending on your unique situation, you may be asked for more or less information. Gathering any applicable items ahead of time may help expedite processing.


  • Photo ID (current U.S. driver's license or passport, state ID, or resident alien card and social security card)
  • Most recent pay stubs covering 30 days for each borrower
  • Last year's W-2 forms for each borrower
    • Please inform your Mortgage Loan Officer if you are commission-based or have income in addition to your base salary as more documentation may be required.
  • VA Certificate of Eligibility (for VA loans only)
  • Proof of alimony, child support or seperate maintenance income (if using to qualify)
  • Rental/lease agreements if you own rental properties, plus personal Federal tax forms (with all schedules) for last year
  • If you are self-employed, please provide signed Federal income tax returns for the last two years, including all schedule K-1's and:
    • Sole Proprietorship - Personal Federal tax returns for the last two years (form 1040 and 1040A)
    • If you own 25% or more of a corporation - Federal Corporate tax returns for the last two years (form 1120 or 1120S)
    • If you have a 25% or greater interest in a general partnership - Last two years Federal partnership tax returns (form 1065)
  • Copy of the divorce decree or separation agreement (if applicable)
  • All account statements (for the most recent two months) that you are using for funds to close and for reserve accounts including:
    • Checking
    • Savings
    • IRA's
    • 401(k)
    • Stock and brokerage accounts


For Purchase Transactions Only

  • Copy of the Purchase Contract & Addendums, signed by all parties
  • Homeowner's insurance company name and phone number
  • Copy of the mortgage statement, tax bill and insurance declarations page for any properties that you still own after the closing of this transaction
  • Your landlord's name and phone number, if applicable


Refinance Transactions Only

  • Copy of the mortgage statement(s) on any properties you own, including the subject property.
  • For all properties that you own, provide a copy of the current hazard insurance declarations page that includes agent contact information
  • Copy of the current tax bill on the property to be refinanced and for all other properties that you own
  • Howeowners association name, phone and the monthly dues, if applicable


Once your loan is submitted, it is important not to apply for new loans or open new credit accounts, increase balances on any debts or move funds between accounts. Any of these situations could adversely affect the loan decision at closing.